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Your Path~Your Spiritual Satisfaction

In a safe space, become more at peace with your spiritual life, regardless of your path.  Bond with kindred spirits who share the same desire.
Meet the PROGRAM COACH AND the program CREATOR 

Lynne Brisdon &
Laura Abernathy

Lynne shares...
"When the opportunity to coach this program came up, it felt aligned with my path of service. It is my desire to contribute my spiritual presence and guidance for the benefit of other’s growth. I felt an intuitive YES! It has certainly born out, beyond expectation. It’s absolutely been a gift to witness everyone’s evolution. Being the group's coach, it is really fascinating to watch how each person shifts throughout the program. I am grateful for the way the program’s structure and content serves to engage each member, and also supports me in sharing my knowledge as a spiritual teacher and coach. In this group, I create an invisible container for individual discovery and collective wisdom. As participants become more engaged, they are there for one another. By the graduation session, everyone senses our mutual deep appreciation and support for each other."

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Patrick Jones - Course author
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